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Fostering Connections for All Occasions

The IQClick interactive response system goes beyond the classroom, enabling swift question setup for presenters and providing participants with a rapid alternative to written or verbal responses. lt's an important tool for fostering connec- tions and interactions in various settings

Seamless Multi-Platform Accessibility

IQClick effortlessly adapts to different needs, provid- ing a seamless experience for users on both Windows with IQClass One Software and Android via the exclusive IQClick APP. This adaptability ensures a convenient and personalized experience, perfect for presenters of all kinds.

Where Engagement Finds its Voice
Always a clear screen

Every individual becomes an active contributor, transcending boundaries between speakers and partici- pants, whether they're students in a classroom or partici- pants in any setting.IQClick facilitates dialogue, fostering connections that enrich the experience, be it in a lecture hall or a collaborative event.

Energizing Interactive Responses

IQClick fuels classroom engagement with up to 10 response options and diverse question types, includ- ing single choice, multiple choice, and true or false. It's your go-to tool for quizzes, attendance, lively discussions,and rapid interactions.

Simplified Setup, Instant Start

Ditch the complexities of traditional online systems, IQClick simplifies it all, requiring just one responder set and a computer, no Internet needed. In the blink of an eye, you're all set to dive into the action with IQClick making it a hassle-free, enthusiastic start to your interac- tive journey.

Instant Assessment, Streamlined Progress Tracking

Whether in a classroom or any interactive setting, IQClick provides instant feedback. Results are displayed and analyzed, rendering data visually for teachers and presenters to seamlessly track prog- ress, optimizing time and ensuring better under- standing among participants.

Transmit Widely and Stably

IQClick employs 2.4G RF technology, two-way data verification, and multi-level error correction to ensure stable transmission and effective anti-interference. lt's capable of collecting up to 100 responses within 30 meters rapidly.

How Does it Work?

2.4Ghz RF Technology

Simply connect the receiver to PC with Windows System or Android-based IFP. Teachers can pose questions using the IQClick APP or IQClass One software, and students can respond with the clicker.

Application Scenario


IQClick revolutionizes classroom participation, allowing students to answer questions swiftly, enhancing engagement, and facilitating instant assessments.

Training Institution

In training organizations, IQClick accelerates interactive learning, enabling seamless audience responses, and enabling trainers to gauge understanding on the spot.


lQClick elevates corporate training sessions, fostering active participa tion, collecting real-time feedback, and optimizing employee learning experiences.

Government Department

Government departments employ lQClick for efficient audience engage ment, enabling instant responses, and facilitating data collection for informed decision-making.

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