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IQConference Cam CV810

The secret of unprecedented video conferencing experience

4K UHD 60fps | 12X Optical Zoom |16X Digital Zoom | Super silent PTZ | Up to 255 presets | Support RTSP/RTMP streaming | Built-in gravity sensor |

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12X optical zoom lens with auto focus

12X optical zoom presents extraordinary 4K image. Leading algorithm enables the camera auto focus fast and accurately. Whether you are moving, zooming in or capturing close-up view, it still shows ultra high definition of the recorded images.

Unparalleled 4K UHD image

Adopt high-quality SONY CMOS image sensor, ensures 4K UHD highest resolution with 8.5 megapixel at up to 60 fps. Enjoy clear and realistic ultra-high-definition video experience. Immerse in people’s vivid expressions and actions that CV810 brings to you.

Super silent PTZ camera

High-precision stepping motors ensure smooth operation of the camera, and make no noise when camera is moving. You don’t have to worry about the shaking and blurring of the image caused by camera instability any more.

Low Noise and High SNR

Low noise CMOS ensures super high SNR image. Pioneering 2D/3D noise reduction technology reduces the grainy in the image produced by the noise, which ensures the smoothness and crystal-clear clarity of the image.

Built-in gravity sensor for auto reverse

Built-in gravity sensor supports auto rotation on PTZ , which means it can automatically adjust the image orientation when you install the camera upside down. No need to manually set and adjust. Everything is ready for you.

Preset anywhere you want

CV810 supports up to 255 preset positions and 10 presets for remote control by handy compact remote, preset the shooting angle and position so that camera can quickly capture certain target. Choose the angle that’s right for you and get pleasant video conference instantly.

Versatile ports with plug-and-play simplicity

Provide versatile ports including HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0 and LAN for audio and video output. Meet your need for any type of connectivity. The plug-and-play connection allows you to set up easily. Just start your video meeting anytime.

IP based management and streaming

LAN port connectivity on CV810 allows it to have web-based control and RTSP/RTMP stream, easily connect live video content to any online broadcasting platform including YouTube.




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