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K-12 Education Solutions

Transform Learning Experience

Discover the power of immersive learning with IQ K-12 Education Solutions and unlock endless possibilities for your students' learning journey.

Teachers can engage students with interactive lessons and dynamic multimedia content on the large flat panel display, while students participate in virtual discussions, collaborate on group projects, and interact with educational resources in real-time, regardless of their physical location. This flexibility allows for remote and hybrid learning scenarios, providing students with access to quality education anytime, anywhere.

Entry-level Smart Classroom

Smooth touch and writing

Maximize vision clarity with our 4K UHD large screen featuring optical bonding. Promote classroom collaboration with multi-touch functionality for interactive and engaging educational experiences.

Presentation Assistant

Elevate your classroom presentations with the IQ Smart Pen! With its wireless flexibility and shortcut buttons, just move freely around the classroom, interacting with your students while maintaining control of your presentation.

Powerful Teaching Software

Upgrade your teaching toolkit and captivate your students with IQ KitsMemos, the next-generation interactive whiteboard software for demonstrations and teaching.

Immersive AudioVisual Effect

With AV seamless experience of IQTouch HA1100 Pro built-in 4K dual-camera and IQSoundbar, it creates an immersive learning environment, where students can better engage with the material and absorb information more effectively.

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Group Learning Classroom

Dual-screen Presentation

One IQTouch Interactive Display on the front plus one display screen on the backside of the classroom enable group-learning students to see clearly from every corner.

Keep Focus on Students

Synchronize the screen content and annotation operations in real-time with IQPodium PD150. Teacher can sit by the table to conduct class discussion and keep his eyes on the students.

Ideas Productivity & Sharing

Utilize the IQShare Button to share personal screen content without network access. Support single or multiple split-screen presenting forcollaborative group brainstorming.

Rich Resources Access

IQTouch with both Android and Windows System empowers both teachers and students to access abundant online information resources for lectures and group studies, which helps students gain a deeper understanding of knowledge.

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Hybrid Learning Classroom

Multiple Teaching Approaches

Adapt instructional strategies to meet diverse teaching needs and students attendance. Support in-person and hybrid learning approaches.

2+1 Screen Presentation

IQTouch dual-screen solution ensures clear viewing for all students in the classroom, with real-time syncing of content and operations on IQPodium to help teachers easily control the presentations from single location.

Deliver UHD Image on Online Class

Set up 4K PTZ camera with 12 optical zoom to create a super-clear digital classroom merging online and offline for students attendance from anywhere.

Document Showcase

Use IQView E4521 to effortlessly capture textbooks, documents, or science experiments in real-time and show to your students on the large touch screen with stunning clarity and details.

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