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Unleashing Potential

IQ is committed to fostering collaboration and inspiration in education and business. With a focus on creating engaging and productive environments, IQ empowers users with various software solutions to realize intuitive operation, seamless integration, and centralized management capabilities. The comprehensive range of software solutions incorporate cutting-edge interactive technology to elevate the learning and meeting experience.

Windows-based Whiteboard Software

IQ KitsMemos V1.2

IQ KitsMemos V1.2 Interactive Display Software offers enhanced interactivity, seamless integration with IQ Smartpen, and a wide range of features to engage students and enhance teaching resources.

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JoinMemos V1.1

Meeting Room Interactive Screen Software: Boost creativity and collaboration with rich tools, brainstorming templates, annotation features, and easy access to cloud platforms. Record meetings, conduct anonymous voting, and analyze results effortlessly for streamlined meeting management.

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Android-based IQ OS

IQ OS takes IFP productivity to the next level with its unique customization based on the Android system, stimulating creativity and collaboration with built-in whiteboard and seamless wireless screen sharing, while ensuring safeguarded security with various lock features.

IQ OS V2.0

for TE1100 Series

IQ OS V3.0

for HA1100 Pro

IQ OS V4.0

for TB1100 Pro Gen 2

Remote Management Software
for IQTouch

The comprehensive solution for centrally managing
IQTouch interactive displays, providing maintenance,
control, support, and security through a web browser


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