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Solution for BYOM

Web Conferencing without Cables or Space Constraint

What is BYOM

IQ BYOM stands for Bring Your Own Meeting. It allows users to wirelessly control the in-room audio visual devices ranging from cameras, to microphones and speaker to create near face-to-face meeting experience. Designed to enable easy and immersive collaboration and communication in hybrid meetings or lectures involving local and remote attendees, IQ BYOM solution works in conjunction with popular video conferencing software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex and so on to achieve wireless collaboration.

Benefits of Enabling BYOM

BYOM can be seen as the nature extension of BYOD. With BYOM, users can walk in to meeting room bringing their laptop to connect wirelessly to the in-room audio visual devices, needing no extra cables of adaptor. BYOM is ideal for multiple scenarios. By using together with UC platform such as Microsoft teams, Zoom and so on, you can easily host a BYOM meeting to communicate with remote participants with adequate interaction. It is especially suitable for hosting a hybrid meeting which makes remote participants feel as if they are physically there in the meeting. Moreover, BYOM can also be used in remote collaboration for certain work.

Reduce Learning Curve

There’s no need to involve IT professtionals. Simple walk into the meeting room, start your meeting from your own devices with minimized confusion and maximized productivity.

Enhanced Efficiency

Choose your preferred and familiar devices and software to host a remote meeting with an intuitive user experience, give yourself full control of ideas.

Seamless Compatibility

Compatible with all major UC platforms and USB peripherals, fully utilizing existing equipment without additional cost.

Shared Teamwork

It’s idea for hybrid meeting enviroments when in-room attendees can share content on the room display for remote participants to see and discuss together, providing a consistent meeting experience for all.

IQ Solutions for BYOM

BYOM brings about drastic change in the work places with increasing number of companies relying on it to increase personal effectiveness and productivity. IQ offers various BYOM solutions, with IQShare Wireless Presentation System as the core, by combining different key equipment to cater to diverse meeting scenarios needs. You can choose the solution that best suits your needs to build your BYOM environment.  

IQShare WP40 + IQShare Button Gen2 + IQMeet HY200

Equipped with HY200 three-in-one videobar featuring 6 metes voice pick-up range, auto-framing camera and built-in speakers, this package enables you to achieve BYOM meeting in most affordable way.

IQShare WP40 + IQShare Button Gen2 + IQMeet AVS200

Featuring PTZ camera, speakerphone and expansion mics, AVS200 is highly adaptive to spacious meeting space with simple and integrated connection. It allows you to engage meeting participants with maximized interaction and collaboration by letting them hear to be heard clearly .

More VC products compaitble for BYOM

Simply get an IQTouch HA1100 Pro to start your journey on BYOM

With all-in-one HA1100 Pro interactive display, you no longer need to look for camera, microphone, and speakers to start your BYOM meeting, you can count on it to create 4k hybrid meeting with enhanced two-way audio quality.

Many companies are already changing their meeting rooms to accommodate BYOM application.


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